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Road salt is used both by the government and residences for managing ice. Salt Brine, (a solution of water and salt) has a lower freezing point than water so applying salt to ice will help it to melt. It is estimated that billions of dollars are lost each year in wages, accidents, and commerce and that the application of road salt in the United States drastically reduces this loss. In addition to the financial benefits of using road salt, many thousands of lives are saved each year by making the roads safer for travel. The American rock salt offered by Valley Salt is a very pure source of Sodium Chloride (NaCl) and since it has virtually no impurities our road salt is safer than some other forms of de-icing chemicals currently being used on some roads. Our road salt requires very little processing, thus providing a very low impact solution for fighting ice on roads during heavy winter storms. A relatively recent innovation is the use of applying salt brine for de-icing roadways. This new technology allows states, municipalities and even private companies to be able to be proactive and actually apply the brine solution to the roads before it starts snowing, thus inhibiting the ice from forming in the first place. Rock salt is often the preferred form of salt to make this salt brine with these innovative new machines.

Valley Salt is a leading bulk road salt supplier. We have road salt for sale by the bag, 1 ton super sack, truckload or trainload.

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